Cut Square Glass Bottle In 3 Simple Steps

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One of the most essential methods to save the environment from pollution is to recycle glass bottles and jars. Environment pollution is aggravated because of landfills and the problem is increasing on daily basis. Recycling and reusing glass bottles as well as other materials are among the best ways to reduce pollution as well as wastage. This makes it easy to cut square glass bottles and reuse them effectively. Nowadays, you can easily cut a square bottle in house with the aid of simple procedures.


The process of cutting a glass bottle is very easy but lots of people do not know the appropriate steps to follow so as to achieve this easily. However, knowing this would help in making a great decision regarding the glass bottle

In this content I would explain how to cut a square glass bottle by using regular glass cuter and thermal stress which include hot and cold water. This step by step guide of how to cut square glass bottle in 3 simple steps would help you maximise the use of empty recycled liquor bottle that can be repurposed into a functional item.

First of all, you need to make one nice pass with the aid of glass cutter. To do that in one straight and at the same height line, you need to make a simple jig from two pieces of strap wood. Prepare some boiling and cold water. The idea is to use physics and allow thermal stress to do the entire job. First, to heat it and after that cool it down at a fast rate.

Whenever you are heating, it is crucial to heat evenly as possible all around at cut line. Cold water will make quick thermal stress and cut line will crack. Not all square bottles you will try to cut would be done successfully. Sometimes you may get a part of the glass off rather than the full top. Having done that, the glass can be used for various uses.

There are several benefits which can be derived from cutting and reusing glass bottles and some of the major benefits include the following:

Save Energy: One of the best advantages of reusing these bottles is that it helps to save energy spent for manufacturing new bottles. The used bottles are crushed, melted and processed to manufacture new products. This helps to save considerable amount of energy in the form of oil and coal because a minimal amount of energy would be directed towards the cutting of bottle while making it useful for other purposes.

Environment Friendly: As old bottles are being cut and reused, it requires less energy for manufacturing new bottles which in turn reduces the usage of raw materials and energy. Low consumption of energy indicates lesser pollution in the environment. By reducing the production of fresh glass, it is possible to reduce environmental pollution to a great extent.

Modern Technologies: The reuse of bottles is considered to be beneficial as people can easily use modern technologies to cut square glass bottles thereby making it useful for various purposes.

Save Landfill Space: By cutting and reusing glass bottles it is possible to reduce landfills because companies are focusing on process which would save the environment from pollution. A good approach to achieve this is to cut square glass bottle because it would make them function for other purposes.