Can I Reuse Glass Canning Jars?

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For some time now, glass jars have become essential in the house. Before now, they were relegated to the grandmother's jam, but today they are considered an excellent element to decorate and organize our home. 

From the kitchen to a birthday, through the room and the living room, it is only a matter of making a little effort to give them a new use. 

Let's look at some of the ideas of what you can do with them, but I'm sure there are many other uses for your bottles. You'd like to try out:

As lamp holders

Get a connection for lamps, that is, the cable, socket and bulb. Drill the lid of your bottle and assemble these industrial style lights. This gives you Lamps made with canning jars. They are very fashionable these days and are sure to give your interior a unique look.

With a piece of masking tape make the figure you want to capture in your candle holder. Paste it in the jar and paint it your favorite color. Then remove the ribbon and decorate with a raffia or a piece of cord.

Candle holder of glass jars, painted in black and with a heart-shaped window that reveals the interior.  Decorated with cotton rope in the neck of the jars.

As birthday party decorations

If you have several glass canning jars - it does not matter if they are of different designs or sizes - use them to decorate your children's birthday or party. You can make some fun centerpieces with some colorful flowers and balloons inflated with helium.

Centerpieces of celestial glass jars. Each centerpiece has red and yellow tulips and three balloons with orange, light blue and yellow helium.

jam jars

As perfect garden for our kitchen

For those of us who live in an apartment and have little space on the terrace, those jam jars can be the perfect garden for our kitchen. Fix them to a wooden board and hang them to always have fresh herbs on hand.

Nothing is simpler than spray painting and use them as a book stop.

Use a wooden base and shape it into a letter you prefer. In each hole, put a vial and on it the glass jars.

Paste in the lid of your plastic animal bottles. Then spray them and create fun organizers for your bathroom.

As bottles to organize the bathroom

The lid of the jars has plastic animals glued and painted with golden spray. Make a cut on the lid of your canning jar and use it as a tissue holder or wet wipes.

As Great gift idea

Put the ingredients in the jar to make the perfect hot chocolate: cocoa, sugar, marshmallows, chocolate chips, etc. and next to it a card that indicates how to prepare it.

The jar can be decorated for gift.

If you have an old or unused soap dispenser, reuse the top and fix it on the bottle lid. You will have a new soap dish, original, vintage and best of all, made by you.

Reuse of the top part of the soap dispenser that is no longer used can be fixed to the lid of a glass jar.

I bet you'd now happy that those jam jars in your home can be put to other use and even make your home look more attractive.