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No doubt, starting up any business requires a capital cost. For the new beverage manufacturing industries, one of the most essential factors is the packaging material – the bottles. This implies that there should be a means to meet up with this indispensable condition for the success of the business and the brand. This could be discouraging for most small and medium scale entrepreneurs.

For those who cannot afford the purchase and installation of the bottle blowing plant, a good alternative is to buy empty beverage bottles. One may like to ask about what it will cost to get the entire volume down to their designated location. That’s important.

However, most beverage bottle manufacturers offer good buy clause to their services – free shipping. This is good for the Small and Medium scale entrepreneurs who may not have all it takes to purchase and install the bottle blowing plant. In addition to saving cost, buying empty beverage bottles is another way of increasing efficiency as there are readily available bottles for the beverage products.

Today, there is a global concern over the environmental impact of polymers and plastics. While most advanced countries have taken up significant steps towards curbing the menace, others are still struggling with how to go about it. However, the idea of buying empty bottles directly from manufacturers would be a good way to cut down on the excessive production of plastics. How? Most food manufacturing firms (water and other beverages) produce their own bottles, especially for the relatively big industries.

There’s bound to be wastage from deformed plastics which could arise from some alterations during the manufacturing process. When such wastes from individual firms are analyzes, there is bound to be an increased volume of plastic wastes which contributes further to the already existing environment pollution. "Plastic bottles are a problem," Pret CEO Clive Schlee said. "We all feel it even before we hear the shocking statistics about millions of tonnes of plastic ending up in our oceans each year, he added.

However, with specific suppliers, there could be a significant cut in the number of wastes that could be generated. The idea of buying empty beverage bottles is indeed a good way to start and proffers solution to this trending global issue. There are major suppliers such as those in China and other locations. Entrepreneurs who give their specifications to display their brand.

The free shipping option is a good one for start-up firms!