Boston Round Bottles for Pharmaceutical Uses

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Storage of drugs has been one of the most challenging problems facing pharmaceutical industries. Since there is a great need to properly store drugs to ensure the potency is retain and to prevent the drug from getting contaminated, many pharmaceutical industries have tried so many ways to get this done, the use of plastic or nylon bags have been used and the use of bottles are now being use these days.

The use of Boston round bottles for storing drugs has gain a large ground these days. There are many Boston round bottles which are being utilized and this article will focus on these bottles and how you can make use of their features to optimized your pharmaceutical uses. The Boston round bottles have some features which make them stand out. The first feature is that they are made up of molded glass. This molded glass serves a very critical role in the strength of the bottles. The bottles are strong, highly durable and does not easily break and all these characteristics are due to the molded glass. There are several volumes of this bottle but the lowest volume you can get is the 15ml volume and the highest volume you can get is the 480ml volumes, so it is very easy for you to get all your drugs well stored in these bottles, all you have to do is to select the volume suitable for your needs.

Boston Round Glass Bottles

Six different special neck finishes, the neck of these bottles have different neck finishes which make them good looking and fine. While these bottles are serving the role of storage, they are also going to be serving the role of beautification of where you place them. Another important feature of Boston round bottle is the amber and flint colour, this colour help to properly showcase your drugs while at the same time preventing the bottle from getting over heated if store in a warm place. The colour also ensures the content of the bottles are revealed so you don’t need to check the label before you know the content of the bottle.

Since we know a little about the features of Boston round bottles, it is good I reveal to you the different types of these bottles that exist and their features.


Firstly, we have the Boston round bottle- 15ml-S0638R4: This is the smallest volume which can get filled up to 15ml, it is round and the neck is produce in such a way that allows easy conveying of the bottle. It is amber or flint in colour and it is strictly used for pharmaceutical uses. 

The Boston round bottle -30ml- S0766R5W is another bottle which offers great benefits, it can get filled up to 33ml, it is round, 75mm in diameter and the colour is mainly amber or flint color.

The next Boston round bottle is the 60ml – S4588R which is commonly used for pharmaceutical uses that require medium sized bottle. This bottle can take up content up to 63ml and the diameter is 94mm, it usually weighs about 62 g.