Aromatherapy Glass Roll on Bottles's Advantage

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You use perfume almost everyday,you grab aromatherapy glass roll on bottle almost everyday,but do you know the advantages of Aromatherapy Glass Roll on Bottles you are using?Maybe you did not.

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Roll on bottles can help you harness the POWER of essential oils, making application simple. Metal roller balls glide smoothly on! Just fill the roll on bottle half full with you favorite carrier oil, then fill the rest with the essential oil or oil blend of your choice. Get the most out of your essential oils today. Bottles are also great for perfume & fragrance creations. 

One of empty roll on bottles exporter China-Iboya Glass produces Glass Essential Oil Bottles with Roller balls 
Each Refillable Roll On Glass Bottle has a High Grade Ball and Housing and an Advanced Cap. Please contact with us to know more!