Amazing Craft Projects You Can Do Using Round Glass Bottles

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Beautiful craft project ideas may just be spring back and forth in your head, but the right material to get them executed may pose a challenge.


Surprisingly, you can make a beautiful and astonishing craft project out of hexagonal glass jars or round glass bottle.


In fact, my journey in creative projects proves to me that glass jars can produce an amazing creative project, and is good for many creative works. The round glass bottles, the hexagon glass jars, and others are very useful for creative projects.


With some specially made round glass bottles and hexagon glass jars from professional manufacturers can make the project very easy, attractive, and appealing.  


Yes, you can use different sizes and shapes to produce any project.  Read on for unique and amazing craft projects using glass jars.


1. Mason Jar Oil Candle

This amazing craft is so versatile in use and can be used to add scent in the house. Keep it at a place that brings the unique nature of appearance.


2. Cluster Lights

This craft project is special because of how it is clustering together. Imagine using this craft for a special event by decorating it with greenery and ribbon? It will give a perfect appearance.


3. Wall Rack With Jars

Creating an amazing project with a wall rack is very simple and has different uses. You can place this craft project sitting room, bathroom, bedroom, craft room, and garage. You can use it to dry spices in the kitchen.


4. Light Fixture

Light fixture looks so astonishing and attractive when using it to light in the evening. Though the material is simple and easy to get, the appearance gives a welcoming beam to the eyes.

5. Elegant Cloche

The elegant cloche has an impressive and eye-catching appearance. You can easily carry-out this creative project by transforming a round glass jar into a bell jar to keep beautiful and astonishing collections.


6. Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are really impressive in appearance. The positioning of the beads and hand give it a charming. Bits of metal or necklaces can also be used with the beads.


7. Beach Mason Jar

This is an amazing craft, perfect for summer tablescape, beach wedding, and mantle. It looks so attractive to use as wedding vases or luminaries. You can do it yourself for your home.


round glass bottles

8. Starry Night Luminaries

This amazing craft project is so beautiful and attractive.

Using it for decoration during a wedding ceremony and Christmas celebration is a good choice.

This project looks simple and even children will enjoy doing it.


9. Mason Jar Mayhem

This amazing creative project looks very attractive and glows at night when you insert bright light into the round glass bottle.


10. Snowman Luminary

What a cute project! This work looks cold and can be used anywhere in the house. When you put a candle inside, it glows and attracts the attention of anyone that enters the house.


11. Decorated Vessel

Decorated vessel looks so attractive and good for special events.

It consists of so different materials like dried beans, shells, coins, dried pasta, and any other thing that is available in the house.



An amazing craft project is not complete without round glass bottles from professional manufacturers.

With the wide range of sizes and shapes of the hexagonal glass jars, you can have a unique feature and attractive look from your creative project.