9 oz Oval Hexagon Jar 63 Lug

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The 9 oz clear glass oval hexagon jars are containers made stylishly and can come in various sizes. They are long lasting glass jars and very cheap. These containers can all be used for various purposes.

They are the perfect option for storing your food. They are air tight and such you don’t have to worry about spilling your stored liquids, perfect for storing jelly, jam, candy, mustards, or honey. They could also be used as soap dispenser if you are able to get a dispensing cover.

These jars are not just perfect containers for food items, but can also be used for storing health and beauty products because the glass material does not add impurities and its transparency allows you to see your stored stuff helping you monitor spoilage.

This six-sided design of the jar is sure to stand out on the shelf and allows for better arrangement of your beautiful home.

These oval hexagon 9 oz jars have a lug finish. The lug finish consists of several tapered ridges designed to perfectly mate and require only a partial turn to seal the cap.

glass jars

The Lug caps however are sold separately. This allows you to choose from buying caps with perforations to use as table salt or sugar containers in the dinning.

This jar can also be used as beautifying containers for planting flowers in the home. They are cheap and environmentally safe, with a thick layer of glass so you don’t have to fear about breaking easily and as such you are sure for using them over a long time.

Freezing in canning jars

The 9 oz jars allow are also suitable for freezing because they do not have shoulders ("tapered") the allow contents put into them to be able to expand upward in the jar during freezing, especially when freezing liquids (jams, jelly, soup, broth and more). They also retain cold for frozen products because of their thick layer of glass.

There is ease when it comes to scanning shelves, thanks to wide property and label friendly design of the glass jar. Its seal gives your stored materials long lasting freshness with the plastisol used to line the lid allowing it to open in a jiffy with the twist lug mechanism. Oz jars however are cheap and recyclable offering you a long lasting experience with less harm to environs.