8 Ways to Use Glass Jars

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When you walk into the house, you will definitely find glass jars: in the cupboard, in the refrigerator, on the dressing table... large and small jars are everywhere. Compared with plastic, glass is safer, heat-resistant, easy to clean, and suitable for repeated use; glass has a strong airtightness, does not deform, and is convenient for storing various things. The usefulness of a small jar is too much to say, here are the 8 usefulness of glass jars I summarized!


1. Pickled food

When the major brands of glass jars were born, they were meant to store food. Pickled kimchi, pickled cucumbers, oily tomatoes, soaked plum wine, making various sauces, the airtightness of the glass jars can preserve the flavor of the food.


2. Load dry groceries

Don't want the cabinet to be filled with plastic bags? Put all the whole grains, spices, and coffee beans in the glass jars! The neatly arranged jars not only make the cabinets refreshing and orderly, but the transparent bottle makes it easier to find the ingredients you want in the first time.


3. Load drinks

The glass jar is easy to clean and will not leave any smell, and it can be said to be a perfect match with various beverages, especially iced drinks. In the hot summer, bring a glass jar to the store to buy a cup of iced coffee, milk tea or juice. The coolness of the glass is refreshing. At some parties that only provide disposable cups, take out your own glass jar, and you are the most stylish boy in the whole place.




Salads in glass jars can be seen at a glance with a wide variety of ingredients in rich colors, which is particularly pleasing to the eye. To make a beautiful jar salad, you need to put the seasonings, hard foods (such as beans and cucumbers), soft foods (such as tomatoes), and green leafy vegetables in a glass jar in order.


5.Preserve fresh vegetables

When buying vegetables home, many people like to wash them and put them in fresh-keeping bags. In fact, you can use glass jars instead. Wash carrots, cucumbers, and celery, cut them into the desired size, put them in the jars, and use them directly next time you cook. Coriander and mint can be "planted" in a jar with water.


6.Pack leftovers

I accidentally ordered too many meals in the restaurant, but didn't bring a lunch box? Don't pack it in the glass jar you carry with you! Go home and put it in the refrigerator. Every time you open the refrigerator door, you can see the food in the jar at a glance, remind yourself to eat it as soon as possible and don't waste it.


7.Pack cleaning supplies

If you like to try some DIY at home, use coconut oil and baking soda to make toothpaste, use coconut oil and coffee grounds to make a scrub, use white vinegar as a cleaning agent, etc., then wide-mouth glass jars are the most suitable. . In addition, you can also put a jar on the makeup table to store eyebrow pencils, eyeliner pencils and makeup brushes.


8.Home Decoration

Hydroponic green dill, insert a bunch of small flowers, put in candles to make a lamp... Put it on the table of a family banquet or wedding, or the night of an outdoor party, it will immediately add a different atmosphere to the scene.


Tips: Don't throw away all the plastic containers at home just to have glass jars. That will only cause more plastic waste. Do not blindly pursue the brand, as long as the sealing and safety performance of the glass jar meet the requirements, you can buy it.


To buy good quality glass, you still need to seek a professional glass bottle manufacturer.