75 Easy & Creative Things to Do with Mason Jars

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Mason jars have been the most commonly used raw materials for most of the DIY projects because of their utility and their variety, and many people use them for many purposes to make creative and decorative material for their homes.

Mason jars can be used in the following methods to be used as decorative or functional ornaments. They can be used as

1. jars with twine wrap

2. Cute tie jars

3. Crochet vase

4. Sock sleeves mason jar

5. Shaker mason jars

6. Etched mason jar

7. Sippy cup for infants

8. Cocktail serving jars

9. Cups for picnic

10. Goblets for wine

11. Rainbow cupcakes in mason jars for the kids

12. Salted caramel cheesecake in mason jars

13. Edible cakes in mason jars

mason jar

14. Jar to store herbs 

15. Hanging flower Jar

16. Jar themed succulent favour

17. Jars for wedding aisles

18. Jars used as a dispenser for soap

19. Twine holder with a vintage theme

20. Mason jar with vintage photo

21. Minimalistic themed jar

22. Mondrian themed jar

23. DIY glass jar to hang by the bed

24. Fancy mason jar

25. Mason jar as an aquarium for small fishes.

26. Etched with a star theme

27. Jar painted by hand

28. Terrarium glass jar

29. Sharpies coloured jar

30. Chimes

31. Sconce with rusty theme

32. Mason jar painted rose gold

33. Jar with polka dots

34. Mason jar coloured with glitter

35. Beach themed jar

36. Tissue holder

37. Candle holder

38. Music jar

39. Matte black jar

40. Bathroom storage jar

41. DIY oil lamp by mason jars

42. Jack lantern for halloween celebrations

43. Glass lamp with a shade of any colour

44. Pendant hanging Lights

45. Glass jar for jam

46. Lace-Covered candle holders by reusing your old sweaters.

47. Tissue paper jar

48. Tiki torch in mason jar

49. Solar mason jar for dark rooms

50. Fabric trim votives 

51. Music mason jars

52. Spray paint mason jar

53. Lucky themed jar, best for St.Patrick' s day celebration.

54. Typography on the glass jar

55. Porcelain pen designs

56. Metallic theme

57. The typography of texture on the jar

58. Under water themed jar

59. Pencil holding glass jar

60. Storage for bathrooms

61. Dispenser for Ribbon

62. Storage for keys

63. Spice rack

64. Storage for kitchen

65. Pin cushion 

66. Mason jar backdrop

67. Glass jar frames

68. Beachy terrarium

69. Firefly glass jar

70. Storage for beans

71. Jar for balloon dipping

72. Fabric jar

73. Jar made by twigs

74. Flower patterned fabric jar

75. Vintage themed jar


There are many ways to use these glass jars for beautiful and decorative use in your homes to make it more appealing.

Whether you want it for a festival or children, mason jars can be decorated as you wish so that you can live with the moment. Mason jars art is very easy to make, and most of the time you can buy painted mason jars on the market for a very low price but the best way to fully appreciate a work of art is by doing it yourself.