5 Benefits of Ghee Stored in Glass Jars

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Ghee in glass jars is a new and obvious trend recently. The packaging of ghee in glass jars is not limited to 1-2 regions, but across the country.


Glass jars have many benefits as a packaging material for ghee, which are still unknown to many product owners.


The five main reasons for packaging ghee in glass jars are discussed below:

1. Retain the original taste and quality

In theory, ghee should be packaged with packaging materials to limit its contact with air, water vapor and moisture. Otherwise, it will not only cause early deterioration, but also produce harmful taste and odor in the ghee. This is due to many factors, including oxidative rancidity and hydrolytic rancidity.


In addition, the glass jar is also equipped with an impermeable metal lid and gas barrier to protect it from different chemical reactions.

 glass jar

2. The ghee in the glass jar is inert and non-reactive

Since glass is made of all natural materials, such as sand, silica, soda ash, limestone and alumina. Therefore glass is inert and not reactive. The glass jar can keep the ghee safe and delicious for a long time.


3. Extend the shelf life

The ideal temperature for storing ghee and ensuring its shelf life of 10-12 months is 21 degrees Celsius. Higher than this temperature will greatly reduce its shelf life. Glass is a good heat conductor, so it can dissipate heat or cool faster than alternatives such as plastic bags or jars.


Therefore, during transportation or storage, if the temperature exceeds the limit of 21 degrees Celsius, the glass will dissipate heat faster, so it seems more feasible. Metal containers can also do this, but they have some disadvantages as described above. Even if the temperature changes suddenly, the ghee remains in the glass bottle.


4. Glass jars enhance opportunities for customer retention and loyalty

In recent years, due to the emergence of do-it-yourself decorations, many people have posted messages on social platforms that these empty cans can be used to decorate your home or office. Therefore, glass ghee will not become useless with the use of ghee, but can provide more practicality in home decoration. Similarly, the same jars can be used to store spices, oils, grains, etc., which is not feasible for any other packaging materials.


Therefore, consumers prefer canned or bottled products. In addition, viewing these glass jars and bottles will remind customers of the actual product they bought earlier and increase the chance of consumers buying the same product again. Therefore, it increases opportunities for customer retention and loyalty.

 glass jar

5. The ghee in the glass jar is eye-catching

Packaging ghee in a glass jar will definitely make the product look high-end and high-quality, and greatly increase sales opportunities, because everyone subconsciously thinks that if the product packaging looks good, then the product is also good. In addition, it can also help manufacturers charge high prices for their products.


In addition, the transparency of the glass allows the product to be displayed clearly, thus ensuring that everything is perfect when the customer uses the product. Although the initial logo and label will eventually convey your brand message, choosing cheap packaging materials will make your brand appear dull. Therefore, it is crucial to choose packaging materials like cans, which meet this standard very well.


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