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Seven Tips for Preserving Spices and Herbs

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Spices and herbs are kept for a long time, depending on their type: fresh, dried or ground. Today we will introduce seven simple tips to help you properly preserve your favorite condiments.

All spices (from the rhizomes, flowers, seeds, or bark of plants) and herbs (from the leaves of plants) are suitable for keeping in a cool, dry, protected from light and sealed environment. The refrigerator is only suitable for storing certain types of spices and herbs. 

1. Newly purchased spices should be stored in a hermetically sealed container and labeled with the name and date of use of the fragrance. Why do you do this? The reason is simple, people usually forget when such spices start to use such trivial things. Moreover, sealed perfumes can be stored at room temperature for a long time, so it is better to keep a record. The sealed powdery spices can be stored for about 3 years in spice glass jars and then the flavor will be significantly lightened, while the granular spices, such as pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon can be stored for about 5 years.

2. Good sealed, transparent glass jar is an ideal container for the preservation of spices. It should be placed in a cabinet that is protected from light and not too hot-this bottle does not absorb the fragrance of the fragrance and is easy to clean.

3. Do not place the spices near or directly above the stove, otherwise the smoke will penetrate the container, causing the spices to clump and mold. For the same reason, avoid adding the spice jar directly above the hot pan when adding spices.

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4. As mentioned earlier, keeping spices and herbs in the refrigerator is not necessarily appropriate-because moisture in the refrigerator can also cause them to clump and mold. But some types of spices and herbs are good for keeping in the refrigerator, especially ginger, lemongrass, and peppers wrapped in wet paper.

5. When buying spices, the amount should be appropriate to prevent end use. And should try to avoid buying powdered spices, because the flavor loss of this dosage form is relatively fast, and easy to mold.

6. In general, spices are not suitable for cryopreservation. Freezing will cause their quality to decline rapidly. But sauces (such as beef stew made from oil, onion, and spices) are not included-sauces are suitable for frozen storage because the oil prevents the fragrance from being emitted. Glass spice jar set is a perfect choice to store spice and keep it in a good condition.

7. Although vanilla can be stored well when dried or refrigerated, the best way is to place it as a potted plant on the windowsill (bass, lavender, thyme, etc.) or in the garden, so you can always enjoy the freshest condiments. 

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