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Glass bottle with shaker

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  • How the color of the glass bottle is formed?

    Among the glass bottles, in addition to the colorless and transparent glass bottles that we often see in our daily life, there are many colorful glass bottles, including brown glass medicine bottles, green beer bottles, and blue oral liquids. Bottles etc. In the cosmetics industry, there are blue an

  • The inevitability of glass packaging

    As flexible packaging solutions continue to be flooded with headlines in terms of industry growth and market share, what are the prospects for traditional materials such as glass? The Chief Operating Officer of the Processing and Packaging Machinery Association explained to us why glass bottle packa

  • How to Disinfect Glass Jars?

    The widely used of glass containers
    Glass packaging container is a kind of transparent container made of melted glass material by blowing and molding. Glass packaging containers are mainly used for packaging liquid, solid drugs and liquid drinks. The glass packaging container could be mainly classified into two categories: Glass can and glass tumblers.

  • What are the advantages of glass beverage bottle packaging?

    Glass packaging materials have many advantages: 1. The glass material has a good barrier performance, which can prevent the invasion of oxygen (oxygen) gas and other gases to the contents, and prevent the volatile components of the contents from volatilizing to the atmosphere;2. They can be used rep

  • How to Choose the Best Glass Bottles for Your Baby

    Whether for artificial feeding, for delayed breastfeeding or for drinking water or other beverages, bottles are essential elements for the baby. There are different types of bottles to be used during a child’s growth which include the glass bottles, the plastic bottles, and the aluminum bottles.

  • Why You Can’t Put Boiling Water In A Glass Bottle

    Why You Can’t Put Boiling Water In A Glass BottleWe have all been there and done that. Trying to fill that bottle with some 100 degrees Celsius of water does not always end well. Either you lose the bottle or escape with minor injuries or - wait a minute, it could actually be - both.

  • New Sustainable Beverage-fill Tech Could Eliminate Glass Bottles

    “New sustainable beverage tech could eliminate plastic bottles” Sure! Just recently, a machine capable of filtering, filling and capping over 300 bottles of water per hour has been launched by a clear water manufacturing company based in North Carolina-based. This process can be repeated in any location such as retail spaces, stadiums, hotels and even campuses.

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